Precision machining to customer specifications, targeted solutions, new production and sampling runs




The Company

Rela srl was founded in 1975, on the proven experience of technical staff with design engineering and machine shop backgrounds originating from Olivetti.

The company specializes in the centerless and double disc grinding sector, achieving first-rate machining quality. It is precisely this added value, characterized by high professional competence, which spurred the company to expand and transfer to its current location, in the industrial area to the east of the city of Ivrea.

A solid production capacity, backed by a substantial machine park, allows the company to support work schedules with efficiency and quality.


Rela Rettifica Centerless


What our clients expect

  • Outside diameter, plunge, through-feed and double disc grinding, as well as precision rest machining to client specifications.
  • Effective and collaborative response in the start-up stage.
  • Sampling and pre-sales.
  • Proactive solutions to problems than may arise during sampling or machining processes for new products.
  • Flexibility and availability in handling production emergencies.
  • Cooperation and reliability.


Company focus

  • Defining commitments and objectives necessary for monitoring the quality required in a manner in line with our company’s standing and the context in which we work.
  • Organizing and implementing an ISO 9001: 2008 standard-compliant quality management system with the objective of continuous improvement.
  • Economically supporting across-the-board production and quality improvements, respecting the cost-benefit ratio equation.


Rela rettifiche centerless


Components for industrial vehicles

We carry out grinding operations on components used in the road haulage and commercial vehicle sector.

Satellite gear pins, pump shafts, gears, special bushes and pivots.


Car components

We carry out high-quality grinding operations for automotive applications.


Motorcycle components

We carry out high-quality grinding operations for motorcycle applications.


Components for hydraulic applications

Valves, cartridges, sliders, pistons and valve plugs.


Complete supply

When grinding represents an important part of the machining cycle of a part, Rela offer itself as the supplier of the finished component, particularly in the hydraulic sector, purchasing the turned part from a reliable supplier with whom the company cooperates on an ongoing basis.


Rela Rettifica Centerless


The process control adopted by Rela Srl guarantees product quality according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Specialized personnel ensure constant control in all machining phases.

The company has an in-house air-conditioned metrology room, equipped with di roundness meter, roughness meter, profilometer, optical measuring instrument for exterior measurements, optical profile gauge, altimeters, as well as various measuring systems.


Rela srl

Corso Vercelli 141, Ivrea (TO) – ITALY

Telephone: +39 0125.252019